October 15-18, 2015

Hosted by Kate Albers (University of Arizona), Joshua Chuang (Center for Creative Photography) and Rebecca Senf (Phoenix Art Museum and Center for Creative Photography)


Photo Gallery

FOCUS: AZ Meeting Attendees


6-6:30 p.m. Welcome reception, Lisa Sette Gallery, Phoenix. Remarks from Phoenix Art Museum Director Amada Cruz and host Lisa Sette, drinks
6:30-9 p.m. Dinner at Burgers Amore Food Truck outdoors at the gallery

8 a.m. Bus departs Westin for day trip to Tucson
10 a.m. Arrive at Center for Creative Photography. Remarks from CCP Director Katharine Martinez
10:30-12:00 p.m. Intro session, part one
12:15-1:15 p.m. Lunch at University of Arizona Student Union patio with UA faculty
1:30-3:30 p.m. Three 40-minute rotating sessions in CCP print study, conservation lab, and archive
3:45-4:45 p.m. Tour of CCP 40th anniversary exhibition, The Lives of Pictures: Forty Years of Collecting at the Center for Creative Photography, co-curated by Joshua Chuang and Becky Senf
5:00 p.m. Bus departs CCP for Etherton Gallery
5:30-6:45 p.m. Reception at Etherton Gallery
6:45 p.m. Walk to Reilly Craft Pizza and Drink
7 p.m. Dinner at Reilly, back patio
9 p.m. Bus departs Reilly to return to Westin Downtown Phoenix

8:45 a.m. Meet at Phoenix Art Museum
9:15 a.m. Breakfast at Phoenix Art Museum, Singer Hall
9:45-11 a.m. Intro session, part two
11:15-12:30 p.m. Session I: Trends in Photography Today, moderated by Ryan Linkof and Todd J. Tubutis: A session oriented around articulating a manageable list of current issues that may be discussed with collectors, donors, patrons, visitors, students, and those curious about photography now.
12:30 p.m. Lunch
1:30 p.m. Introduction to exhibition in Norton Photography Gallery, One-of-a-Kind: Unique Photographic Objects from the Center for Creative Photography and time to view museum.
2:30-3:45 p.m. Session II: Engaging Audiences, moderated by Alice Carver-Kubik and Dan Leers: How are scholars, curators and institutions thinking about ways to engage different audiences, whether college students, collector's groups, communities across race and class, or any audience not perceived as “core” or current?
4-5 p.m. Session III: Looking Ahead, moderated by Holly Goldstein and Kate Bussard: Looking ahead, what can we do to move the field forward? What does the field need? What would you aspire to do in your job if it didn’t have the day-to-day constraints that we all have?
5 p.m. Return to the hotel – walk or light rail
6:15 p.m. Bus departs Westin for collection visit in Scottsdale
7-8 p.m. Reception and viewing of collector's Latin American photography collection
8 p.m. Bus departs for dinner
8:15 p.m. Dinner at Macayo, back patio
9:45 p.m. Bus back to Westin

9:40 a.m. Walk to collector's home
10 a.m. Breakfast at collector's home
11 a.m. Session IV: Looking ahead for FOCUS, moderated by Russell Lord, Kris Belden-Adams, and Jordan Bear
Noon: Adjourn